12 Years Old Girl Falls To Her Death, After Taking An ‘Extreme Selfie’

A 12-year-old Russian girl,  identified as Oksana B, fell to her death after taking a picture of herself sitting on the railing of a seventeenth-story balcony. She allegedly sent the photo to a friend right before falling according to BBC.

The news organization reports Oksana’s friend noticed the picture was taken from a “risky location” and sent it to the girl’s mother after Oksana didn’t answer her texts, but by that time, the person who allegedly first spotted Oksana’s body on the ground below the building had called the police. Oksana reportedly had told her mother she was going to take a walk when she went up to the balcony.

Police have not confirmed Oksana was taking a selfie before she died or that taking the picture was what caused her to lose her balance and fall to her death, but the BBC reports the alleged photo has not yet been released

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