USA Visa Interview; A Must Read!!!

Many of us would like to visit the United States or relocate, if given the opportunity. In Nigeria, visa applications to most countries apart from the United States and some others I am not aware of, requires the submission of your supporting documents in person at their visa application centre and you are required to wait till you are contacted when your passport is ready for collection before knowing if you were granted the visa or not.Unlike the United States visa application in Nigeria, where you know the result there and then because you are required to appear in person for a visa interview at the Embassy or Consulate General along with your supporting documents on the date of your scheduled appointment.
Most applicants fail to realise that the most important part of the application is the information provided when filling the visa application form. That is where the consular officer gets his/her information about the applicant and asks questions related to the information provided on the form. You should make sure you give precise information or details you are conversant with because most people sometimes do not fill in the right information about themselves, and also the ability to sound convincing enough with confidence matters a lot. Packaging is key!!!
Some would say you have to pray and fast for God to touch the heart of the consular officers. Yes, prayer is very important but while you are packaging your prayers do not forget to package your documents properly because the consular officers are also praying to do their jobs well.
There was an instance where a guy was complaining about being refused twice, one was a study visa application and the other, a visit visa. I asked why, and the reason was beacause, he had no strong ties with his home country and was not convincing enough that he will come back afterwards. And after 6 months, he went for a study visa application (after being denied the visit visa) as an undergraduate. He applied for an undergraduate program which was the same with what he studied in Nigeria, meaning, he wants to obtain another bachelor’s degree in the same course in a US university. Who does that?
A top-up in the same course sounds more logical, or preferably, not mentioning the fact that he has an undergraduate degree and act like he was just going to study for the first time after high school or a diploma. But going for the same Bachelor’s degree in the same area of specialization, haba, Nigeiran educational system is not that bad.
It is always advisable to apply for graduate programs if you already have a Bachelor’s degree. Otherwise, prepare strong points to defend yourself when you are applying for a study visa as a student going for another Bachelor’s degree in the US. Because the consular officers will always ask why you chose to go for another degree.
Applying as a student is also a better option if you have the intentions of not coming back as there are more opportunities for foreign students.
For people that have applied before, do know that, these consular officers have your details stored in their database, before you even get there they already know how to get you and how many times you have been at the embassy, whether you were rejected or not. Those guys are experts in their field.I am not saying everyone who applied and was successful told the interviewer the whole truth about themselves. But I think that even if you are not going to be totally truthful, you should try to be very convincing and also make sure that you remember every information you filled on the application form.
Sometimes, during the interview, they do not ask for your supporting documents; they just ask for your passport, read through your application form and ask you all the necessary questions. Do not fill too much information that are not relevant, try to make it as simple as possible to avoid questions that will be difficult for you to answer. Who knows where the JAMB question will come from? Lol.
Some people will say, don’t even bother applying if you are single as if being single is an automatic denial, that is not the case in every situation. If you are single and have a good job or business you have been running for quite a reasonable number of years, then I think you are good to go.
Travel experience is also very important, I would advise you try visiting other countries before applying for a US visa. When the consular officer sees that you have travelled to other countries and back to your home country, that can boost your chances as well. All they want to know is if you are going to come back home because they believe a person with strong ties to their home country would not want to abandon it for another country.
Do not go back a few months after being rejected with same set of documents, make sure there is a significant change in the situation before re-applying.
Also note that, if you have been denied a business or tourist visa, you are not allowed to schedule an appointment for 90 days and if you have been refused a student visa, you are not allowed to schedule an appointment for 7 days.
If you need more advice, have questions or suggestions, kindly drop it in the comment section and will reply accordingly.

*winks* E.A.To be continued…

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  1. Hello.. I would like for advice before i apply for a family or individual visa.
    My family and I are from mexico and I would like to apply for family visa, i am a 26 year old woman, i hace a good paying job and been there for 8 years I am currently paying a House which is what ties me here the situation is with my husband I am affraid we will get out visas dejes becausr he doesnt work for a compa y where he can demostrates is stable he owns a business but also doesnt have any proof of this. Do you recommend we still apply as a family or should I apply only me and my 2children.

  2. Hello Esther,please I have a few questions n will b glad if u can respond bk.I,my husband n baby applied for US visa February 2016 n we were denied reason unknown to us bt I feel our traveling experience was not my husband decided to go to south Africa March n returned same march to have experience and I have only travelled to Ghana 2014 where i gave birth to my our cousin in las Vegas is inviting us n we have booked another appointment for question is Sinc we didn’t specify dat we have som1 in US in our previous application cos we were going to Miami as tourist?is it right for us to state it now since it’s my cousin dats inviting us to las vegas dis time.and sinc my husband have traveling experience now is dere hope for us dat dey will grant us d visa now?tnx hope to hear from u.

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