Banned Kannywood Actress Rahama Sadau Shares Photo From Hollywood Studio

Banned Kannywood actress Rahama Sadau has honoured the invitation she received to Hollywood. The actress is presently  in the United States and has shared footage from one of the studios she is currently working with in Hollywood.

The actress suddenly became a sensation after she got into trouble with Motion Pictures Practitioners Association of Nigeria (MOPPAN) for ‘hugging and cuddling’ in a music video she was in.

Despite the controversy that trailed her ban from Kannywood, she got invited to Hollywood by Grammy Awardee Akon and Jeta Amata, one of Nigeria’s most respected filmmakers. Rahama is believed to have left Abuja aboard Turkish Airlines to Los Angeles and her last post from ABUJA clearly shows that she was willing to take the bold step despite caution from a spiritual leader that was shared on Facebook. She wrote on her gram;

You are valuable and irreplaceable. If you are ever told otherwise, do not believe it. Just try and be yourself even 4 ONCE!!!

Rahama shared footage of a court room scene currently getting shot with a lot of cameras in the background as she chats away with her white companion. See screenshots taken from Rahama Sadau video that was shared on her social media page below.

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