Check Out How Enugu Rangers Celebrated Winning League Title After 32 Years Of Trying.

One would think that after struggling and waiting for 32 years to finally win the prestigious Nigeria Professional League championship title last month, that the club or the state will go out of its way to organize a befitting celebration ceremony. Enugu Rangers finally won the Nigeria Professional League after 32 years of struggling and hoping for it and were rewarded with N40 million by the NFF and League Management Company, but the manner and mode in which the team celebrated their victory has shocked everyone and gone viral.

The team had a trophy parade on Saturday around Enugu main town and according to Veteran Sports journalist Colin Udoh they paraded the trophy using an old dirty truck. Sharing the photo on Instagram, he wrote:

”Disgraceful. This is supposed to be the Enugu Rangers trophy parade! I am ashamed. You wait 32 years to win the league title, then you demean it like this??!! If you can’t find a better truck, at least pimp this junk yard piece of rusty metal”



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