Kanye West meets Donald Trump at Trump Tower in New York (photos)

Rapper, Kanye West met briefly with Donald Trump, at Trump Tower in New
York today. The Rapper reportedly requested a meeting with the
president-elect and they had a 15-minute sit-down. Trump then escorted
him out, addressing the press in the lobby together. Watch the video
after the cut…

The Prez-elect told reporters he and Kanye go way back and the mutual admiration was apparent.
According to TMZ, Kanye asked for the meeting
and Trump agreed. Kanye’s creative director was present along
with a Kanye camera crew. The creative director, Eli Linnetz, produced
Kanye’s “Fade” and “Famous” music videos. He’s also there with Corey Gamble.

Pres.-elect Trump poses with Kanye West at Trump Tower; says he and West are “just friends, he’s a good man” and says they discussed “life.” pic.twitter.com/oSyXbXkxRY
— ABC News (@ABC) December 13, 2016

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