Nigerian Pilot Begins Solo Flight Around the World

Air Djibouti, managed by Cardiff Aviation, on Monday said that its pilot, Ademilola Odujinrin, was on a mission to become the first African pilot in history to fly solo around the world.
The Chief Executive Officer of Air Djibouti, Mario Fulgoni, made this known in a statement issued in Abuja. Fulgoni stated that the pilot had on October 14 embarked on the second leg of his historic journey in a Cirrus aircraft from North Weald airfield in the UK. He noted:

“Having already completed a transatlantic crossing from Washington D.C. in the light single-propeller aircraft, the Nigerian aviator is now heading to Malta.
“He will then head on to Djibouti, where he will fly as a commercial pilot for the national flag carrier.
“From there, Odujinrin will continue around the rest of the world, through India and Australia, and intends to set a further aviation milestone with the fastest U.S. coast-to-coast flight in a single-prop aircraft.”

According to Fulgoni, the flight is part of ‘Project Transcend’, a foundation aimed at inspiring young people to achieve their goals, regardless of their personal circumstances.
The airline boss then quoted Odujinrin as saying “fewer than 115 people have completed a solo circumnavigation of the globe by air, and it has been my dream since my youth to join them.
“I hope to set a world first and inspire a generation of people in Africa and beyond.”

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