Oh My! Rumours About Lilian Esoro’s Marriage Crash Are True! See What Her Husband Ubi Franklin Just Did And Said

I have been holding my breathe ever since rumours about Lilian and Ubi’s marriage crash started circulating in hopes that they are all lies and that the young couple who had one of the most elaborate and expensive wedding last year were just playing with our minds or even seeking attention since it seems both their respective careers have presently taken a downturn. But sadly and obviously, all the rumours about actress Lilian Esoro’s marriage to MMMG boss Ubi Franklin that is said to have crashed barely a year after that expensive wedding are surely true.

Now, ever since the rumours started circulating, Lilian’s husband, Ubi Franklin has tried so hard to hold the front and behave like all is well, even on November 1st which was their first wedding anniversary, Ubi tried to act like the marriage was still intact  and posted a wedding anniversary message to his wife Lilian on Instagram even though she never acknowledged the day or reciprocated his act, but now, it seems he too has given up on the marriage ever working.

First, Ubi that has been wearing his wedding band even Lilian reportedly ditched hers a long time ago suddenly removed his wedding band and have been seen in recent days without it, and this is clearly seen on his pictures on Instagram. Secondly, Ubi Franklin today posted a cryptic message on his Instagram page along a photo of him clearly without his wedding band. The post was about adult’s decision affecting little innocent children.

This clearly says that the marriage sadly is officially over. Check out what he posted below


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