UK Jails Nigerian Lady Who Paid Man £1000 To Pose As Her Baby’s Father So As To Obtain UK Passport

A UK court has jailed a Nigerian lady, Faust Abolore, 29, who plotted to gain British citizenship by putting 44-year-old Anthony Ezekpo’s name on her son’s birth certificate, for a fee of £1000. She subsequently used it to apply for passport. However, she was found out when photographs of the child’s real father, Nigerian national, Peter Gentry, were posted on Facebook, showing him cradling the boy at a naming ceremony. Inner London crown court heard that Abolore got a job as a care home assistant in 2011 with a bogus Portuguese passport, and had twice been turned down for leave to remain in 2013 and 2014. Jailing her and Ezekpo for 18 months each, Judge Mark Bishop said: .

“These sort of offences undermine confidence in the system of immigration control. You, Abolore, were seeking to cheat your way into being allowed to remain in this country. Ezekpo, you agreed to help her in making that possible.”

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