World Oldest Person Alive Celebrates Her Birthday

World oldest woman Ms Morano celebrated her birthday in her flat, a home she hasn’t left for years and receives 24-hour care. According to her, the peculiar diet she began after World War I helped her become one of the oldest people ever. When she was a teenager, a doctor suggested that she eat raw eggs to combat her anemia. Morano followed a diet of two raw eggs, one cooked egg, a little minced meat and pasta for the past 90 years, but now limits herself to two eggs a day and a few biscuits.


Her physician, Dr Carlo Bava, has however credited her long life to her genetic make-up, and nothing else. “She is in a great state of health and mind. The fact that she has never had much variety in her diet is proof that she is so well-preserved thanks to genetics.” Ms Morano’s mother reached the age of 91 and she had several sisters who reached their centenary

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