Courses Offered In Covenant Polytechnic

COVENANTPOLY Courses – List of Undergraduate courses/Programmes offered at Covenant Polytechnic (COVENANTPOLY). COVENANTPOLY Undergraduate courses which accredited by the National University Commission (NUC) has several programmes.

Covenant Polytechnic

This page have all the list of Covenant Polytechnic (COVENANTPOLY) Undergraduate courses accredited by NUC.

Do you want to find out the list of courses you can study at the Covenant Polytechnic (COVENANTPOLY)? Below are the list of high-quality courses on offer at the Covenant Polytechnic .

COVENANTPOLY Courses and Programmes.

This catalog is primarily for use by prospective students in search of Courses offered by the Covenant Polytechnic i.e. COVENANTPOLY Courses.


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Business Administration

Public Administration

Banking and Finance


Computer Science

Electrical Electronics Engineering

Computer Engineering Technology

SLT (Chemistry)

SLT (Microbiology)


Business Studies

Financial Studies

Old Public Administration

Business Administration


Banking And Finance

Public Administration

Computer Science

Electrical/Electronics Engineering

Computer Engineering Technology


Science Laboratory Technology

From time to time, agents of the NBTE do periodic visits to all polytechnics to confirm the accredit-ability status of all courses offered by these institutions, during these periods, some schools lose their accreditation status on some courses while new courses could be introduced or old courses previously dis-accredited, gets back the accreditation status.

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In summary of the above we simply mean that no accreditation is permanent, the school in question has a lot to do in order to maintain the accreditation status for all courses offered in their respective institutions, else they lose the status of being accredited.

The god news here is that the courses that are currently offered at Covenant polytechnic are all accredited so this should rather encourage candidates to go ahead in their selection of the polytechnic should they be financial capable of handling the tuition fee.

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